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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Thornhill

In search of a company with experience in crown molding and trim painting in Thornhill, Ontario? No need to keep searching. It’s time to talk to our company. We stand right here ready to answer your questions and help you make the best decisions for your home’s interior trim finishes and colors. If you want a flawless job at a reasonable rate without worrying about a thing, contact Thornhill Painters.

Thornhill crown molding and trim painting experts

Our team is available for crown molding and trim painting across Thornhill. Residents may trust us for a small or big job. Do you only have baseboards and crown moldings in your home and you want their color refreshed? Is this an old house full of trims and moldings that must be painted? Are you tired of white trims and want to change their color? Do you want to combine painting projects? Have no concerns. You can trust us with any trim and molding painting job – and any painting service combination.

  •          Wall trims painting
  •          Doors and door casing painting
  •          Crowns and baseboard painting
  •          Crown molding painting
  •          Window casing and frame painting
  •          Chair rail and picture rail painting
  •          Crown molding and kitchen cabinet painting

Free estimates & consultation for molding painting services

Cohesiveness is achieved when all trims are painted the same color. It’s always best to maintain the same color scheme as the foundation throughout the house and choose one color for all trims. Of course, the possible combinations, solutions, and ideas are plenty. Couldn’t you use an expert’s consultation?

Make an appointment to get a free consultation for trim and molding painting and a free estimate for the service. Isn’t it prudent to let experienced painting contractors check the trims to offer the best color and finish options? This depends on the home style and your specific expectations. Want to go wild with new and bold trim colors? Want a quiet interior with neutrals? There are splendid ideas and solutions for all home interiors.

Interior trims are prepped and painted with respect to their material

The first phase of all painting jobs is the preparation of the surface. This ensures perfect paint adhesion. Also, a flawless look. No trim is in perfect condition. Think of how often shoes and objects come in contact with baseboards. The pros clean and fix trims – addressing dents and broken sections. They sand as needed, based on the material. Trims are made of wood, plaster, foam, and other materials. And they are prepped and painted in accordance with the material’s requirements for a flawless look and longevity.

Want a semi-glossy trim look? Would you prefer satin trim finishes? Let’s talk about finishes. Let’s talk about trim colors. Let us focus on your crown moldings, baseboards, wall trims, and all other trimwork in your interior. Our team is ready to discuss your trim painting project and provide a free estimate & consultation. If you don’t want to take chances with the crown molding and trim painting, Thornhill pros stand by and are ready to answer questions and get you started. Quality painting services at affordable rates are a call or message away.