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Door Painting Thornhill

Want one or more doors in your house painted? The best in Thornhill door painting pros stand before you and are ready to offer a free estimate. Interested in learning the cost of the service needed and details about the process? Want to book a free consultation to explore the latest color options for a trendy look and a consistent appearance?

Thornhill Painters is the company to contact now and every time you want to change or refresh the color of your house doors. Want a new color for all doors? Must have the front door painted? Do you only want to paint interior doors in Thornhill, Ontario? Whatever your case, reach our team.

Door painting – Thornhill services

Why should you choose our company for door painting in Thornhill? Because we are available for such projects, take over big and small jobs, charge fairly, are transparent about everything, and ensure tip-top service.

Naturally, we have experience with door painting jobs. And although you likely want to paint house doors, we serve commercial customers as well.

  •          Let our team know if you want interior doors painted. Is this a pocket door? A double sliding door? French doors? Your bedroom swing doors? How about their casings? Don’t you want them painted too? All interior doors can be painted. It’s usually best to choose one color for all doors to create consistency. Would you like that idea or do you want one door painted a different color? We are ready to discuss your project with you and suggest colors, ideas, and solutions.
  •          Exterior doors are painted too. Apart from the front door, you may want the patio doors or the back door painted. How about the garage door? Do you want to refresh its color too? Be sure that the outer side of the exterior doors is painted with coatings suitable for the outside. This way, we ensure high resistance and excellent protection.

From interior doors to garage doors, all doors can be painted

Of course, you may want all doors in your house painted. You can simply book a door painting service to refresh or change their color. In any case, the first thing the pros do is to prep them. They start by fixing problems, like dents and cracks – anything that will take a toll on the final results. They also clean, scrape, and sand them. In other words, they prep the surface to be finished. The doors become smooth and then they are primed and painted as requested.

From vinyl and laminate to wood, doors are painted to perfection despite their material. All painters are skilled in finishing all materials. And so, they paint doors above all expectations. Is it time to talk about your doors? Would you like to discuss the project? Door painting Thornhill contractors are at your service.