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Exterior House Painting

Exterior House Painting Thornhill

Home exteriors are not painted often. For this reason alone, choose to assign your exterior house painting Thornhill job to our team. This is the sure thing to have the exterior painted to perfection and all surfaces prepped in the best way. Our experience alone makes a difference. But it’s also our updated knowledge and commitment to renewing our equipment that also make our team the best choice for the exterior painting service.

We walk hand in hand with new technology, never stand still, and continue to learn all new things related to our trade. This way, we don’t only offer the best aesthetic solutions for your home but also the most resistant paints for all exterior materials. When you entrust the exterior of your home to Thornhill Painters, you put aside all worries and just enjoy. Don’t you want that?

Ready to get started with your Thornhill exterior house painting?

Let’s talk about your exterior house painting in Thornhill, Ontario. Shall we? We really need to know the size of the building, the materials of the surfaces, the condition of the surfaces, if there’s a deck and all sorts of things related to the service. At this point, you too want to know all kinds of things about our team, the way we work, the process of the service, the approx. cost. Don’t you? That’s always the case when it comes to painting jobs. And so, we appoint a specialized in jobs involving the exterior painter to talk with you, ask and answer questions. If you are ready for that, let us know.

The usual steps of exterior home painting services

Exterior jobs are always difficult – certainly, not a one-home-painter job. Don’t worry about that. Our team always sends a big crew to paint exteriors. And they bring the required equipment to reach all parts of the house and thus have them all properly prepped and painted. Which are the usual tasks involved in exterior painting services?

  •          Power washing for the removal of debris and mold/mildew
  •          Scraping old paints and sanding the surface, especially if it’s glossy
  •          Caulking gaps, especially around windows and doors to protect the house
  •          Fixing deck and fence problems before staining or painting them
  •          Addressing wood, metal, stucco, or concrete flaws – any material
  •          Priming the surfaces, as demanded and painted with the colors agreed
  •          Cleaning the area around the house and ensuring the job is done to your satisfaction

The best Thornhill painters take excellent care of your home exterior

Put your mind at ease by knowing that every single exterior house painter is licensed, experienced, and certified. The paints chosen are ideal for the exterior and the material of the surface. Of course, we agree on the color schemes & combinations – the whole aesthetic style and do so from the start. More importantly, regardless of the condition of the surfaces, the exterior is perfectly prepped and painted to be beautiful for years to come.

Want to talk specifics about your Thornhill exterior house painting or go ahead and schedule your free, no obligation estimate? We are at your service. You just make contact with us.