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Fence Painting

When properly painted, fences look great and are able to resist the elements for a very long time. Book professional fence painting in Thornhill, Ontario, by turning to our team. Chances are high you are interested in booking wood fence painting. Let our team ease the mind of those residents whose fence is iron or composite.

At Thornhill Painters, we are experienced with all materials. This is crucial not only because we serve all people in need of having the fence painted regardless of the material, but mainly because we ensure the very best results. Prepping and painting metal fences is not the same as prepping and painting wooden fences. And whatever the material in your house, you get to choose fence finishing methods and are sure of the excellent way the whole job is carried out.

In Thornhill, fence painting – the process

Fence Painting Thornhill

The Thornhill fence painting job is carried out by an experienced pro. It starts with the needed fence repairs, anything from fixing dents to filling holes. The whole point is to take care of the fence so that its structure will remain sound for years to come. We focus on this first phase because although nobody paints the fence when it’s broken, nobody wants the fence painted if its glitches are not addressed first. Painting a fence is one way of prolonging the structure’s lifespan, and this starts by taking care of some minor issues.

The second phase of the fence painting service involves prepping the surface. The fence is cleaned and all sections are sanded. This is necessary for the good adhesion of all finishing coatings. Sanding is also necessary when there are splinters or old paints that must be scraped off.

There are two main ways to finish fences. If you don’t want to paint the fence, the fence can be stained. It can be stained with clear or tinted coatings. It’s always sealed – varnished in a way – to remain resistant. We talk about the finishing methods, your choices, and the color options from the start.

Why don’t you ask for a free fence painting service estimate first?

The first phase involves your free estimate and consultation. Our prime intention is to discover what’s needed for your fence and what you have in mind. We talk about fence finishing and refinishing, paint colors, stains, and about ways to scrape off old paints that possibly chip. We talk about your fence and ways to make it strong, elegant, and resistant again. When we know what’s needed for your fence, we provide an estimate. And when you are ready to go ahead with the fence painting service, you let us know and the painters get started. That’s how things go with us. Of course, you have no obligation to assign the job to us just because you’ve got a quote. But if you decide to do so, a painter comes out as arranged to start the job.

Should we start with the first phase – that’s talking about your fence and take it from there? Contact our team to make an appointment for a free estimate regarding your Thornhill fence painting.