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Residential Painting

In spite of whether it’s time for interior or exterior residential painting, Thornhill homeowners have our team by their side. Experienced with all projects at all types of residences, we serve all needs and do so with ultimate professionalism. Be sure. The paints are great in terms of quality and also suitable for each material and the interior or exterior surface. The job is done accurately, starting from the good preparation of the space and the surface till the completion of the project. Family houses, rentals, condos – we take over jobs at any residence. Thornhill Painters is your go-to place. Let us show you.

Interior residential painting in Thornhill

Residential Painting Thornhill

Due to our experience alone, we are the best choice for interior residential painting in Thornhill, Ontario. Want the bathrooms and bedrooms painted? The color of the living room refreshed? Basement painting? Door or kitchen cabinets painting? Or, the whole interior painted?

Whatever your case, please make a note that we are available for all interior residential painting services in Thornhill. The service also includes color consultation and our advice on matters concerning the paint coatings and the finishing options. On top of the standard painting services, you can turn to us for all other changes in the interior that would require a finishing job. For example, you may want drywall repairs and finishing. Or, popcorn ceiling removal and substrate finishing. Or, wallpaper removal and installation. Nice to know, isn’t it?

Of course, all residential painting Thornhill services involve all sorts of repairs. The pros first fix imperfections, flaws, and blemishes. Then, they sand, prime, and paint. And so, the results are long-lasting and above all expectations. Wait and see.

Exterior house painting service

Expect equal diligence when it comes to exterior house painting services. The prime task is to address all flaws. After all, what exterior surface is flawless? But in order for the paints to adhere well, look good, and withstand the elements for a long time, the deck, the fence, the siding, the doors, the walls, and all other parts of the exterior are first prepped – cleaned, fixed, caulked, scraped, sanded, as demanded.

Naturally, you can count on our team for smaller jobs, like painting the deck or the fence or the doors. But whatever you need, please know that the surface is prepped as demanded, is finished to perfection, and all things regarding the coatings, colors, and finish paints are discussed beforehand.

Since you likely want to know more, get a consultation, and learn the approx. cost of the service, let us send a residential painting contractor to your home. That’s the first thing we do, anyway. And there’s no charge – or obligation, for that matter, for the estimate. So, why hesitate? If you live in Thornhill, residential painting pros stand close by and are ready to answer your questions and take over. Go ahead and contact us.